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  • Writer's pictureJoshua Cole

Rejoicing In God’s Strength

Psalm 21:1

The king rejoices in your strength, Lord. How great is his joy in the victories you give!

You know what’s it’s like to rejoice in the Lord’s strength.

Your pulse quickens at the pounding of galloping horses.

Your attention is riveted by the crashing of ocean waves and the crackling of a fire.

You sigh as you bask in the heat of the sun.

You thrill at the pressing of the wind.

Did you know that these feelings of delight, awe, and comfort can come when God helps you succeed?

God longs to enchant you with His strength.

He works to impress you with His power to save you from destruction, lack, and woe.

Why? Because He’s delighted by you.

Your joy re-joys God.

God’s a sucker for joy.

Are you?

How could you pause today to rejoice in the Lord’s strength?

What has the Lord done for you that makes you happy?


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